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Don’t dismiss the Wall Street occupation


My take on the whole affair. What do you think? Are they worth our attention? Should more of us be joining and supporting them?

I’ve been paying attention for the sole purpose of discovering something of substance in this movement, but I have yet to find it. I’m not even sure what they’re after, and it appears that DeRosa, as well as the 99 percent themselves are similarly foggy on the point of the whole affair.

Are they hoping they’ll scare the brokers into regulating themselves for the good of society? Shouldn’t they be occupying DC, where many of the rules and loopholes they abhor were created?

The numbers game in the NYT article makes a salient point:

It is a curious fact of life in New York that even as the disparities between rich and poor grow deeper, the kind of large-scale civil agitation that Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg recently suggested might happen here hasn’t taken shape. The city has two million more residents than Wisconsin, but there, continuing protests of the state budget bill this year turned out approximately 100,000 people at their peak.

The 99 percent claims to have had 20,000 protesters involved at one point, although other observers believed the number was closer to several hundred.

I’ll just keep an eye on them to see if they can build some momentum.