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In case you haven’t seen yet, Tumblr launched a new site and iOSapp called Photoset!

It lets you make photo sets (kinda like collages) without having to post it on Tumblr. It gives you a URL which makes sharing a collection of photos super easy.

Tumblr Launches Photoset Site & App

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The Economist + Pressly + Tumblr = Electionism

The Economist recently launched a 2012 presidential HTML5 site for tablets called Electionism and uses a nifty bit of MacGyvering to get it done.

It appears the Economist Group Media Lab is using Tumblr as a backend where they curate content from various news sources. These feed into Pressly, a startup that pulls RSS feeds and Twitter posts, and extracts the content contained within links for magazine-style tablet display.

Pictured above are various screens from a tablet display and includes the Electionism Home, Category, Twitter and articles. The site currently works on the iPad, Galaxy Tab and Kindle Fire.

Interested in following the actual Electionism Tumblr? That’s over here.

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Still looks a little buggy, but this could turn into a valuable resource as the election proceeds. I wish I knew about it last night to see how it worked during the Primary.

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Tumblr's Mark Coatney will take part in a live chat on Poynter about how Tumblr can help journalists futher their careers.


Starts at 3 p.m. EST. Be there or be something other than a journalist.

For those that read Poynter for more than Al’s Morning Meeting.