8 Notes



The Black & Gold Review has hit the big(ish) time! Check out Brad and Stephanie Warshauer in their inaugural television interview stemming from this wonderful bit of writing.

This is a video of me and my lady talking about an article she wrote. The video exists because a reporter from ABC 26 in New Orleans randomly contacted me to request an interview.

She’s been in New Orleans a month and she’s already getting interviewed because of her writing.

Congrats to y’all!

I just gotta say though, ol Kenny is a better dancer than cameraman, bless his little MMJ heart. Did he have a chance to break out his signature move, the Softshell Sea Crab?

I couldn’t let it go… its like mentioning Scott Walker without a dig about the Mobile Leprechaun.

You gotta watch out for those crackheads when they get hold to the wrong stuff.

And thus concludes this installment of… making fun of the competition.