Anatomy of an iPhonegraph, sandstep style.

Here’s a look inside my process.

  1. 1st Shot - non HDR with iPhone camera app
  2. 2nd Shot - HDR with iPhone camera app, taken at same time as 1st Shot
  3. 1st Edit - 1st & 2nd Shots in TrueHDR to soak up the saturation
  4. 2nd Edit - 1st Edit run through Popsicolor
  5. 3rd Edit - 1st Edit plus 2nd Edit in Blender, Darken Blend for more saturation, plus slight offset using the Arrange feature
  6. 4th Edit - 3rd Edit in Camera+ for another hit of saturation with the Clarity filter and square crop
  7. 3rd Shot - Hipstamatic using the Wonder lens and Alfred Infrared Film
  8. 5th Edit - 3rd Shot plus 4th Edit in Blender, Difference Blend for psychedelic cloud colors, and another slight offset to increase iridescence in the clouds, wires and multiple steeples/weathervan
  9. 6th Edit - One more blast of saturation with Instagram’s sunshine button

Things I’m liking these days:

  • Using apps that create frames on your photos offset mixed with photos from apps that don’t to create mixed up and unique frames
  • Blending in apps that posterize the image in strange ways like Popsicolor and Phototropodelic to apply washes of color and textures to formerly empty areas of the photo