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Two Years Ago Today Still no pies. What gives, Hubigs?
So Long Hubig’s, and Thanks for All the Pies by dubtea on Flickr.

Two Years Ago Today
Still no pies. What gives, Hubigs?

So Long Hubig’s, and Thanks for All the Pies by dubtea on Flickr.


17th Anniversary Of My First Phish Show

South Park Meadows, Austin, TX, July 26, 1997

Some of the show’s peaks involve great covers such as the excellent YEM burning into Izabella (I’m a huge Hendrix fan), Blister in the Sun (one of the 90’s greatest hits for certain) jerked out of a very dark 2nd set Hood that eventually makes its way into a crushing Free, plus a blistering Johnny B. Goode. Bob Gulotti guested on a 2nd drum kit throughout, making for a bizarre first show.

Other Phish Shows:

South Park Meadows, Austin, TX, September 24, 1999 

Woodlands, TX, September 25, 1999

UNO Arena, New Orleans, LA, September 26, 1999

Big Cypress, FL, December 29, December 30, December 31, 1999, where I learned how to do the Meatstick, which the band used to close out the first set of the millenium, stretching over seven hours from After Midnight to after daybreak, with no breaks, cheesecake!

Alright, technically the mega-set started and ended with Meatstick, but the real set opener was the building anticipation sparked by the After Midnight set closer.

Alpine Valley, WI, June 26, 2004

And I haven’t seen them live since the hiatus.

Orange Beach will be my 7th, or 8th Phish show, depending on how you count Big Cypress.

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I’m the shady politician, right? But what happens when [Gov. Bobby] Jindal turns down billions of federal money for Medicaid — to help people in need, a program that could mean as much as 17,000 jobs! — just because he doesn’t want to be seen as taking anything from [President Barack] Obama, which is going to hurt him with the right-wingers? Who’s the self-serving one then? Is that good government?


Stanton Moore

Stanton Moore

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Reportback on bike memorial event & blockade: Guest post by Jules Bentley, New Orleans


July 19, 2014, New Orleans

Yesterday (Friday, July 18) a group of maybe 60-to-80 people met up at Flora’s and spent an evening shutting down traffic. On foot and bike, we took over Franklin, rolled up to and along St. Claude, then held the intersection at St Claude and Elysian for just over a…

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Traditional Music of Coastal Louisiana: 1934 Lomax Recordings

This talk examines the songs recorded in the summer of 1934 by folklorist John Lomax, with assistance from his son Alan, who was then a teenager. While the music they recorded there has often been described as Cajun or Creole music, what they actually found was much more complex: a diverse admixture of old medieval lays, Continental pop songs, blues ballads, round dance songs, traditional ballads in French, a Scottish jig, and much more. This talk coincides with the release of the book Traditional Music in Coastal Louisiana, a study of the 1934 trip.

Speaker Biography: Joshua Clegg Caffery is a writer and musician. He is a founding member of the Red Stick Ramblers and a longtime member of the Louisiana French band Feufollet. Caffery was nominated for a Grammy in 2010 for his work on the Feufollet album “En Couleurs.” He is currently the Alan Lomax Fellow in Folklife Studies at the John W. Kluge Center in the Library of Congress.

h/t - @holl_x

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Still-life series on the weirdest diets ever made and their biggest fans. Stay in shape!

I don’t think Kate Moss was doing “flour in stripes…”

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Allen Toussaint :: BBC Documentary (2006)

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TSA Stops Reporter for Holding D.C. License; Doesn’t Believe D.C. Is a Real Place


This may not make Jose Antonio Vargas feel better, but apparently TSA agents need some basic geography lessons.

 Keeping you safe…

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Joe Tally Toking featuring Dr. Jimbo Walsh

The Night Janitor


New music featuring Dr. Jimbo Walsh from The Other Planets!

Listen/purchase: Joe Tally Toking featuring Dr. Jimbo Walsh by The Night Janitor

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(via How To Make Glitch Selfies With Your Webcam | The Creators Project)

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Pixelmania - Lifeguards 
Created by Paulina Sadowska


Pixelmania - Lifeguards 

Created by Paulina Sadowska


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Rome Fortune - Lights Low (Prod By Four Tet)

Lights Low - Rome Fortune and Four Tet

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